Barnardos Australia Reconnect Program

Barnardos Australia Reconnect program

The Australian Mutual Foundation has partnered with Barnardos Australia to provide financial support and volunteering to assist with a number of their worthwhile initiatives. In particular, the AMF has committed to support the Barnardos Australia Reconnect program which is vital in helping to maintain the high level of care that Barnardos gives to Australia’s children and young people who are at risk of, or have experienced disadvantage.

The Reconnect Program is an early intervention program for young people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, due to family breakdown. Where possible we try and connect these young people back with their families. However, in some instances these young people find themselves unable to live at home due to family violence or abuse, financial and personal problems. Where this is so, we will try to find alternative living arrangements, whether that be with foster carers or in our supported independent living units.

Most of the young people in the Reconnect Program come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, have limited education and/or mental health or other social problems. They face complex and entrenched issues which have led to their exclusion from education and society. They are missing many of the basic life skills that most of us take for granted. For this reason, a large part of this program is about giving these young people the essential life skills and support they need to live independently, as well as addressing the issues they are currently facing through therapy or practical support.


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